About Us


The hair industry is saturated with imposter hair that appears good to the eyes and may feel silky throughout the first few weeks of an install. But before long the hair begins to shed terribly and matt up, especially at the nape of the neck area.  If you’ve experienced this before it’s a good chance that you’ve had hair that has been chemically processed (also known as scrap hair).  The hair has most likely been dipped into an acid bath, stripped of its natural cuticles and isn’t aligned properly.  Scrap hair comes from multiple donors and has a silicon coating along with other harsh chemicals to make it appear and feel like luxury hair.  Worst of all it smells awful especially when wet!

 As a veteran of military service, one of the things that I’ve found most challenging throughout my career was maintaining my hair with protective styles.  There are strict guidelines to follow when it comes to hair and makeup.  The choices for beautiful hairstyles were slim to none.  A wig, hair extensions, sleek ponytail, or a bun, maybe braids as long as they weren’t too faddish and definitely had to be within regulation.  Physical training is vigorous.  It was embarrassing to stand next to your fellow member with sweaty hair extensions that smelled like hot corn chips from all the chemicals that is in the hair.  To all my military ladies.  Have you ever had to stand in formation after group fitness with half of your hair matted at the back of your neck?  And the other half blowing wildly in the wind, leaving a harsh scent from the silicone coated chemically processed weave on your head.

Here at Conditioned Extensions we have authentic raw hair that has not been processed and is definitely not scrap hair.  We have sought out some of the best top-quality vendors across the world.  We take pride in selling our exclusive extensions to our extraordinary customers.  Yes, you are extraordinary!

Each bundle of hair goes through a thorough inspection before being cleaned and conditioned.  The end result is beautiful raw hair that is natural, clean, and ready for install.  Best of all, our hair smells delightful and will keep that same pleasurable smell when wet.  No acid or silicone is ever included in any of our raw extensions.  With Conditioned Extensions, you can go to the gym and sweat without fear of your hair smelling bad or shedding, tangling and matting.  Play out in the rain or snuggle up with your significant other while they catch the seductive smells of you and not harsh chemically treated hair.  Both our exclusive raw collection and our virgin hair collection contains no silicone and no chemicals.

Complete your hair bundles with a few of our Conditioned Extensions hair care products. Formulated for all hair types and made exclusively with our extensions in mind.  Our salon quality hair care line provides the nourishments that’s needed when taking proper care of your extensions.

Compliment your extensions with our mesmerizing Conditioned Extensions Lash Line.  We have lashes to fit any occasion (and within regulations for the uniform). Our lashes range from standard to exotic 30mm length. 

Remember, no more corn chips, (I love corn chips to eat just not as the smell of my hair) no more chemicals!  Forever turning heads from the quality of the hair not the smell.  As always, our mission here is to ensure that you have a remarkable experience with our extensions, lashes and accessories.  Thank you for choosing Conditioned Extensions!